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The following is a mix of product test/reviews from some of the most respected editors in the country and testimonials from everyday riders sharing their real life survival stories…

Urban Gear

"... Their Diva sizing is more generous than their other lines, and takes into account the plus sizes women riders can be. “They fit really well. They also offer certain buckles and cinches that will accentuate a woman’s curves, which a lot of women gravitate toward. We don’t want to look like a guy on a bike,” says Taylor."

Alisa Clickenger - MPN Magazine
Ladies Atomic 4.0 Textile Jacket

Favorite jacket

“... no break-in period and fit like a worn, comfortable, favorite jacket right out of the closet ...

Cafe Racer Magazine
Old School Leather Jacket

What I've always wanted

... Joe Rocket did exactly what I’ve always wanted someone to do: take a race boot & cut it (in half), still providing protection but making non-competitive use doable ...

Cafe Racer Magazine
Mens Atomic Shoe

Comfortable on or off the bike

... I found them as comfortable on the bike as off it and unlike many other brands, these could definitely pass the evening’s choice in denim fashion ...

Cafe Racer Magazine
Accelerator Jeans

"Go to gloves"

"... these are my cold weather go-to gloves."

John Luck — ADV Moto Magazine
Rocket Burner Textile Heated Glove

Less than a night out

"For cooler temps, the Pivot jacket uses a water-resistant RockTex 600 shell with a dual storm flap and zippers and comes with a removable full-sleeve insulated liner. — great value and versatility for less than a night out on the town."

GearLab — Rider Mag
Pivot Textile Jacket

Night Out

"The Gauge has FreeAir mesh in the torso, back and arms for maximum airflow, with sturdy RockTex fabric reinforcing the shoulders, elbows and forearms. Its mesh flows a ton of air and fits trimly — great value and versatility for less than a night out on the town."

GearLab — Rider Mag
Gauge Mesh Jacket

Protection, comfort, price!

A leather jacket is and forever will be the number one accessory for a motorcyclist. Every rider should own at least one. There are certainly a lot of options on the market, and we’re always looking for items that not only look good, but also offer protection,
comfort, and a good price point. Joe Rocket’s Classic ’92 fits the bill. The 1.0 to 1.2mm drum-dyed cowhide leather is soft and doesn’t require a lengthy wear-in period. The cut is between athletic and wide, and it will fit just about every body shape. The collar, waist, and cuff are all adjustable via two button options. It doesn’t come with armor, but we highly recommend purchasing the optional elbow, shoulder, and back protectors. The zip-in quilted thermal liner keeps the cold away on early spring morning rides. When it gets hot, the liner is quickly removed for a more comfortable riding climate. There aren’t any vents on this retroinspired jacket, but for the right season and right motorcycle, who needs them? Not us. This is the type of jacket a rider wears on his or her cruiser or vintage bike. There are two chest pockets, two on the side, two inside pockets, and our favorite, the small pocket on the right cuff for easy access to money and license.

RoadRunner Mag
Classic '92 Leather Jacket

Home from the hospital

I'm the mother of three children. My husband & I ride motorcycles. My oldest son Jason rides a Suzuki GSXR 600. My email purpose is to THANK YOU Joe Rocket Corp! You helped save my son Jason's life!
On July 1st 2015 he was involved in a motorcycle accident while in a right curve as a deer wandered out towards him. Attached you'll see jacket pictures & how well the jacket held him in safety. He sustained a broken right forearm in two places, now plated & pinned each; both 5th fingers broken. He had one vertebrate only Fractured [Thoracic 6th] that is being managed in a back brace for the coming three months. Varied right leg & foot lacerations, surgically closed. Your jacket quality saved all of his skin on a hot summer day; the quality of your Armour prevented him from severe back injuries & possible paralysis. The Armour remains intact. Due to your high quality standards in your product, my son Jason is doing better each day, now home from the hospital after five days. Thank you from my heart! A loyal & now lifetime customer & advocate of your products.

Michele. VA

Steve McQueen

"Just have to say this is the best jacket I have ever had. I read all the reviews before making my decision and I was not disappointed. The workmanship and leather are top notch. I looked into the mirror when I tried it on for the first time and I thought it was Steve McQueen looking back. I just wanted you to know that you have a real winner here and a customer for life....thanks again."

Dave, FL.
Classic '92 Leather Jacket

Dang Racoon

I'd just like to thank you guys for making a quality product. Last night around 10 I hit a raccoon doing 40-50 mpg and got thrown from my bike. Thanks to my jacket, gloves and helmet I walked away a little sore, and with just a small spot of road rash. Judging by how beat up my equipment was, if I wasn't wearing the right stuff I'm sure I'd still be in the hospital. So thanks for saving my skin.

Dan C, MA
Atomic 4.0 Textile Jacket

"Go-To" Jacket

“...where this jacket’s true character surfaces is through its cooling ventilation and perfect fit; I already now this will be my go-to summer and fall ADV jacket.”

Ballistic Adventure Touring Jacket


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you have ladies gear that isn't all pink. I love that I was able to find a high quality women's jacket in green to match my bike and that I had more options than black, pink, or pink and black. I'm aware that I am a girl and I don't need to have pink gear to remember that. I just was looking at a motorcycle gear catalog and it had a two page spread of women's gear, and every single thing was pink. So I figured I'd write you guys and tell you thanks for giving women riders different options.

Jill, OR

Saved me from a whole lot of pain

I'm just writing this email to say thank you to the makers and the brand JOE ROCKET. Last night I crashed my motorcycle on the freeway, fortunately I was wearing all my gear. My bike is in pretty bad shape but I can honestly say the JOE ROCKET jacket I had on saved me a whole lot of pain. I've searched for the right jacket for a while and I couldnt find any that fit comfortably. Then I came across the JOE ROCKET ATOMIC 4.0 (waterproof) and it fit in all the right places. I was more than satisfied with the product. I'm really glad the jacket saved me but then again I'm super bummed out that my new jacket got shredded up. So thank you JOE ROCKET!

Steven P. NV
Atomic 4.0 Textile Jacket

Best of the Bunch

"We’ve carried a couple brands of heated gloves, but these new Joe Rocket gloves have got my vote now for the best value of the bunch.”

Rocket Burner Textile Heated Glove

Mesh @ 50MPH

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how thankful I am that I was wearing your jacket on Nov. 15th, when I went down going about 50 mph. I received 4 broken ribs, road rash on both knees, and a small abrasion on my left elbow.
My Phoenix jacket stood up to the incident pretty well, with just a hole in the left sleeve. Thank you guys for making a great product! Will be getting another one when I replace the bike!

Doug. Charlotte NC.
Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

Deer encounter

I just recently had an encounter with a deer and my motorcycle and went down, sliding 40 feet. I had your Joe Rocket Velocity gloves on and they saved my hands. I had only two very slight abrasions. I went ahead and bought a second pair to replace the damaged ones!

Craig. PA
Velocity Glove

AMA Speed Record Holder

"It is a masterfully crafted product. The images on the website really don’t do it justice compared to seeing the actual item. Light, comfy and professional grade."

350cc Production Classic Class AMA Speed Record Holder, Gary Ilminen
Speedmaster Carbon

Exceeded Expectations

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to put your Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 jacket to the test at about 40 MPH. The jacket held up very well, I landed elbow first on my right side while still on the motorcycle and I never once felt any pain or discomfort from the impact. The CE rated elbow armor exceeded expectations and the outer shell absorbed all of the friction leaving my upper body completely unscathed. I was literally able to walk away from the accident, due in large part to your jacket. I just wanted to contact you guys and thank you for making a great product that helped protect me when I needed it most.

Matthew, MD
Atomic 4.0 Textile Jacket

UMC Review

"... From riding drastically different weather conditions, the Big Bang 2.0 boots proved versatile. And due to their basic style, they can be used for a variety of riding styles, from cruising to sport."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
Mens Big Bang 2.0 Boot

Earned Reputation

"Joe Rocket has earned a reputation of offering vivid graphics and high-performance designs on its helmets, which are manufactured by HJC, as well as affordability. The R1000X Lithium series continues to build on those attributes."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
R1000X Lithium

Unique Approach

"Joe Rocket’s Airforce Tactical Leather Hybrid gloves not only have a striking appearance, they are a unique approach to the popular blended textile/leather hybrid glove design."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
Airforce® Tactical Glove

Unique Approach

"Joe Rocket’s Airforce Tactical Leather Hybrid gloves not only have a striking appearance, they are a unique approach to the popular blended textile/leather hybrid glove design."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
Marines® Tactical Glove

Never fail

I'm not a person to normally review products, but this was necessary. I've ridden these pants commuting in Seattle from 30 to mid 60s. Didn't get in them in much hotter, but I think I will now. I rode them to Nevada through as low a 25, and with a bit of layering I never had an issue. Here's the real thing though: I hit an oil slick on the freeway 2 days ago and highsided, hit the pavement doing about 45-50 mph. These pants work. Had I been just in jeans, they would have torn and left me bare skin. I think I'm about to buy another pair. In the 2.5 years I've had them, the waterproofing has never failed, the zippers have never failed. Take the waterproof liner out in the summer and they'll do well. If you were to unzip them a little they'd probably do fine in the hot stuff. Most importantly, they really protect you. Highly recommend.

James M, WA
Ballistic 7.0 Textile Pant

Ruggedly Executed

"The Joe Rocket Air Force Alpha riding jacket is not only a sharp-looking military themed tribute jacket – it’s also a cleverly designed and ruggedly executed piece of protective riding gear."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
Airforce® Alpha Military Spec Textile Jacket

Ruggedly Executed

"The Joe Rocket Air Force Alpha riding jacket is not only a sharp-looking military themed tribute jacket – it’s also a cleverly designed and ruggedly executed piece of protective riding gear."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
Marines® Alpha Military Spec Textile Jacket

Serious Piece of Kit

"The concept behind this stylish, black leather riding jacket is simple: Joe Rocket took their most trusted and proven race suit and cut it in half. The result, just like the Speedmaster race suit, is a comfortable, seriously protective piece of kit. Some of team CRM's (Cafe Racing Magazine) Joe Rocket gear is still gong strong after nearly a decade in constant use, proving this stuff last longer than many folk's motorcycles do ..."

Cafe Race Magazine
Speedmaster Leather Jacket

Best Efforts

"... a big THANK YOU (and sorry!) to Joe Rocket for keeping me safe despite my best efforts to do otherwise."
After visiting a deep gravel trap in Cercuito de Jerez Spain

Melissa Paris
Speedmaster Carbon

Earned Reputation

"Joe Rocket has earned a reputation of offering vivid graphics and high-performance designs on its helmets, which are manufactured by HJC, as well as affordability. The R1000X Lithium series continues to build on those attributes."

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag
R1000X Blaster

Straightforward, classic-style

Joe Rocket covers the entire range of motorcycle-riding gear. Sometimes that entails sophisticated products with a myriad of slick features, vivid graphics and multi-material construction. Not so with the Speedway leather jacket.
JR’s Speedway is a straightforward, classic-style jacket with a design focused on durability and function for the everyday rider. http://ultimatemotorcycling.com/joe-rocket-speedway-jacket-review/

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag

Ultimate Motorcycling Review

" ... I wore the Windchill gloves in temperatures four degrees below zero, and my fingertips never got cold. Of course, cold tolerance is a very individual thing. Having grown up in northern Wisconsin where temps can be colder than parts of Alaska in the winter, my cold tolerance may be better than most, but the Windchill is one of a small group of motorcycle gloves I’ve seen that work well enough for snowmobile and snowblower duty."

Windchill Cold Weather Glove

Ultimate Motorcycling Review

"The RKT Prime is in JR’s most competitively-priced range of full-face helmets, yet the design features do not suggest an entry-level helmet."


Daytona Tested

"I rolled out into the next practice session ready to make up for lost time. One thing I struggle with usually is getting up to speed quickly and that didn’t seem to be a problem so I was pretty pumped. I was pumped that is, for about four laps. When I crashed AGAIN in the (same) chicane. OK, seriously? Without getting into details, it was kind of a strange crash again. I was super grateful for my Joe Rocket gear (especially my Speedmaster boots) this time though because my bike (apparently also not pleased with my performance) dragged me across the ground by my leg. #awesome #goodtimes #notreally."

Melissa Paris
Speedmaster 3.0 Leather Race Boot

UMC Review

"Riding in temperatures in the 80s the pants were comfortable all day. And with the degree of stretch and adjustability for fit, there was no binding or shifting. Bending, sitting, crouching and moving around was nearly as easy as in a pair of jeans ..."


Ultimate Motorcycling Review

" ... a two-piece suit has many advantages, and the race-focused Joe Rocket Speedmaster 5.0 2-piece suit brings track protection to the open road."

Speedmaster 5.0 2-Piece Suit

2013 Nifty Fifty

Selected as one of Powersports Business' 2013 top 50 (Nifty Fifty) products demonstrating industry leading innovation.

PowerSports Business Mag
Ladies Heartbreaker Boot

Gear Lab

"If you’re looking for a classic leather jacket with a nice fit sans armor, this could be a great year-round jacket. It’s comfortable, warm and appropriate for any casual gathering, as well as any classic ride."

Rider Magazine

Understated But Smart

"Understated but smart, the Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie is a simple but stylish jacket that feels and looks good both on the bike and off."


WRN.com Review

"... Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 is loaded with features you’d expect to find on a pricier jacket."

Atomic 4.0 Textile Jacket

Ultimate Motorcycling Review

The Speedmaster 5.0 two-piece suit is immediately comfortable and I know it will break in to be softer and even more relaxed as it gets worn over time. It felt good right out of the box when I climbed aboard an Aprilia RSV4 Factory, which isn’t exactly the most spacious bike around. I just do my Valentio Rossi imitation before boarding, make an adjustment or two, and I’m good to go.

Speedmaster UMC Review
Speedmaster 5.0 2-Piece Suit

Research Pays Off

On November 14th I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was on my way to work at approximately 8:20 a.m. I was merging into traffic on a transition ramp when the traffic came to a sudden stop, I veered to the left to avoid a car carrier and at that time the the driver also veered to the left. I was faced with a cement k-rail wall directly in front of me, a car carrier to my right, and gravel on the shoulder I was now on. I decided my only way to avoid the sure collision was to veer to the left into a field. I immediately knew in seconds my CBR was not equiped to handle off road as my front shocks were bottoming out and the rear was bouncing side to side throwing me around like a rag doll. I noticed in the split seconds that there was a full sized fire extinguisher directly in front of me which I thought was a plastic gas can at first. I hit the extinguisher head on which sent the bike and I tumbling over and over multiple times. As I hit the ground each time I could hear popping in my hips. Once I finally came to rest with one last thud I started checking if I had movement in my fingers and toes. I was able to move them but was unable un-twist my legs. Luckily for me there was an ambulance stuck in the same traffic behind me and rushed to stabilize me within minutes. Now to my extreme thankfulness to the Joe Rocket company, I had been through buying and selling equipment until I found my Joe Rocket Rk 101 helmet which I just received 3 days before the accident and my Phoenix 5.0 CE armoured jacket. I had not a scratch on me from the waist up! No head or neck injuries the injuries I sustained were a broken pelvis, and lower back fractures that were major and very lucky for me not even worse. I have been learning to walk again but without the quality protective equipment from Joe Rocket I shutter to think how badly injured I would have been or much worse not here to even write this testimonial! I will be forever greatfull to the Joe Rocket company and my decision to research and purchase the best equipment. Side note my protective pants came in the day after the accident not sure they would have stopped all the injuries but they may have helped.

Jeff, CA
Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

Not one scratch!

I bought my leather radar hybrid jacket about 2 months ago for my Gsxr 600. About two weeks ago I got into an Accident at a very high rate of speed (120+) I escaped this accident with not one scratch on me to include my arm not getting ripped off. As I tumbled down the asphalt for About 250 yards.
My jacket didn't fair so well... It got destroyed. But it did it's job and did it very well. I would like to say thank you from me and my family for making Such a great product and I'll definitely be buying from joe rocket again. I'll probably get the exact same radar leather jacket. One big thumbs up from me. Thank you again!

Christopher H.
Radar Leather / Mesh Jacket

Saved my skin

I am not sure who to address this to, and hope that you could forward it to someone in charge of Product Development or Quality Control.
I wear a Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket, Denim 3.0 Jeans and Power Trip Grand National gloves every time I ride. In the scorching heat of South Carolina, this combination makes it fun to ride no matter what the temp is. The fit of everything is perfect for me and seems tailor made. But, my letter is actually about your product's durability. This past Saturday, I was out riding around town and the temps were around 90 degrees. Very comfortable with this gear on. I was coming down a road at around 60 mph and there was a pick up truck towing a trailer in front of me. I came up a bit too fast, did not leave enough room between us, and when the driver suddenly slowed, with no brake lights to give me warning, I had no time or space to move. He jammed on his brakes, I started to swerve left to go around, and then he started to turn left. I hit my brakes hard and swerved tighter and lost it. The front felt as if someone had ripped it from my hands, and I was thrown violently in a split second onto my left shoulder and hip. I slid and rolled and when I finally came to a stop, I quickly crawled off the road as I thought I may be hit by a car coming in the other direction. I laid there for a while trying to catch my breath and hoping that my body was not severely torn up. After a moment, I sat up and slowly pulled off my helmet. People were telling me not to move, but I needed to see if I had bones sticking out or anything obviously traumatic to deal with. I was very happy to see all limbs intact, and that my gear had performed so damn good! There were many comments made, from the EMTs, the Police and hospital personnel, that without the gear, I probably wouldn't be there talking about what had happened. All said and done, I had one broken rib from the initial impact, a few small abrasions and bruising to ribs, hip and shoulder. The jacket has numerous holes in it and the side strap ripped off, the jeans have a few holes and the rear pocket ripped mostly off and the gloves have holes worn through on the palms, but not completely through. If I had gear of a lesser quality, I would have been in really bad trouble and needed skin grafts at minimum. The mesh jacket performed extremely well, the pants performed extremely well, as did the gloves. I want to thank you for making such good quality products. Joe Rocket has been my go to brand for awhile, but now it will be my ONLY brand. You and your top shelf gear have literally saved my skin! Again, Thank you very much!

Dan W. Columbia, SC
Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

Slightly Used

Hello - I just wanted to thank Joe Rocket for making an excellent product.
Myself and three others waited three months to go on our trip down to ride the Dragons Tail in Arkansas. I recently bought a used 09' Speed Triple and couldn't wait to ride it. Yesterday after 80 miles (4 hours from setting off) my Triumph had a catastrophic failure. I was approaching the group ahead of me at 40 mph when I pulled in the clutch and realized that I wasn't slowing down because the clutch wouldn't disengage. The only thing I remember is seeing my bike for a split second sliding quickly to the group in front of me. I laid there for a few seconds on the road (nearly got ran over by a pickup behind me) in disbelief. I rose to my feet and couldn't believe I wasn't hurt. My only injuries were a bruised shoulder, hips, sore pinky, and really sore ankles. You can see from the pictures that the gear saved my hide, literally. I was so proud of all my gear I had just removed all the tags that morning. My friends gave me crap that I had everything from the Joe rocket catalogue. Another friend joking said, "geez you could slide 200 feet in that stuff" 10 minutes before the crash at a prior pit stop. Now I'm sitting in a hotel room writing this while the other guys are out having fun :( Once again, thank you. I know I can count on your products.

Slightly Used
Speedmaster Carbon

Gear Driven

Made of RockTex 600, the suit features a removable spine pad, double layer RockTex 600 at the shoulders, elbows, and knees, and a removable, insulated full sleeve liner and pant leg liner for when it's cold. When it's not, pull-out the liner, undo the main zipper and zip up the FreeAir panel on the front. This mesh panel is cleverly integrated into the main zipper structure and allows you to ride with the front open to the wind, yet still safely secured. It also features a SureFit custom adjustment system with 11 adjustment points for optimum fit.
In the few hundred miles we've put on the suit so far, we're impressed with it's build quality and snug cut which makes the rider look less like a spaceman than some other suits. With its venting open, we've found it to be comfortable even at 90F without a fairing.

Motorcycle Classics Mag
Survivor 1-Piece Waterproof / Touring Suit

Used and Abused

And for those who think that your Timberlands will be OK in an accident — you're fooling yourself. Those were built for hiking and construction, not rolling down the road. I ordered the black and white Velocity boots and didn't really know what to expect. They looked cool in the picture, but aside from that I could only guess how they'd feel. To my surprise they're actually comfortable for all-day use. And better yet, they offer precise lever and peg feel. They feel extremely light once they're buckled on, and breathability is really good too, despite a lack of actual perforation. A single adjustable strap is responsible for keeping the boots on the feet, and that means quick and easy on and offs are part of the deal—no gadgets or gizmos to fiddle with.

Super Street Bike Mag

50MPH Broadside

Someone ran a stop sign and crossed in front of me on a divided highway.  I hit him broadside at 50mph. I never even had the chance to let off the throttle.  My brand new Gold Wing was totaled.  My friend riding behind me said the bike simply exploded when it hit the minivan. The accident was so severe that the hospital sent the coroner. My Phoenix jacket probably saved my life.  I sustained no broken bones or road rash. 
Just wanted to say thank you for a great product.  I will never wear anything else. 

George V, MO.
Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

A Thankful Father

My Son experienced and survived a horrific crash on his Yamaha R6. He was hit (broadsided) on his left side by a Honda Civic doing 60 mph. His head and back hit the windshield and was thrown 50 feet. His motorcycle was in pieces. He suffered two hip fractures, a broken left arm and hand and a broken left leg that need ligament replacement. No injuries to his head thanks to the helmet. The full leathers he was wearing did a great job from further injuries.
I want to thank Joe Rocket for making such an excellent product that saved my son from further injury. My son made an excellent choice in having chosen Joe Rocket. Again Thank you.

Tony S
Speedmaster 6.0 1-Piece Suit

Nifty Fifty

Selected by Power Sports Business Magazine as one of 2010's Fifty Best New Products "Nifty Fifty Awards."
The trench is a multi-layer all-weather system featuring a 100 percent waterproof extra long outer trench coat, a waterproof pant, a warm fleece vest and 100 percent breathable FreeAir mesh armored inner jacket.

PowerSports Business Mag


Just a note to tell you about my experience with Joe Rocket products.? Two months ago, my girlfriend bought me a Joe Rocket Super Ego jacket before the riding season started. I thought it was total overkill, as I've been riding my whole life with no incidents. Well, last week, while traveling straight ahead at approximately 40 mph I was hit from behind by a Chevrolet SUV. My Super Ego jacket did it's job and saved my skin. It scuffed all across the right side, but never tore open, and the pads protected my upper pretty well, only one elbow bruised. Needless to say, I don't think the jacket is overkill anymore. Thanks

Christoher, MA.
Super Ego Leather Jacket

2 Types of Riders

I've always heard that there are two types of riders: those who have gone down, and those who WILL go down. I became one of the latter the first sunny day of the season. I was out test riding a friend's Italian Death Missile when the vehicle in front of us stopped short on the highway. My instincts kicked in and I hit the brakes as if I was on a bike with twice the weight and half the braking power (as I normally am). The front wheel locked. After an unsuccessful attempt to regain control, I dumped the bike and became intimately connected with the pavement. It is a surreal experience sliding down the road on your back as your Ducati runs away and hits the concrete median.
The EMTs on the scene couldn't believe I made it out as unscathed as I did. My Blaster Jacket and C.E. Back Pad took the brunt of the impact. My ER nurse said the gear is the only reason I'm alive today. My injuries consisted of a fractured hand and mild road rash on my knees. Had I listened to that little voice and put on my Rocket pants that morning, my knees would have been saved. It just goes to show that even a very experienced rider can make a newbie mistake after a split second of inattention. More importantly, there is no substitute for good gear. I'm healing up and will be riding soon with a new batch of Joe Rocket gear.

Ben, WA
Speedmaster 2.0 Back Protector

Just Feels Right

Sometimes a jacket just feels right, and that's the case with joe Rocket's new textile UFO Solid. the cut agrees with my fairly standard build, with just the right lengths for my body and arms.
Fit customization is very good, with snaps on the wrists to supplement the forearm zippers and hook-and-loop wrist closures. Additional three-position forearm snaps allows you to choose between a snug or loose fit. Wide and long hook-and-loop straps give you the same broad range of fit at the waist. Inside the UFO Solid, there is a traditional warming quilted removable vest. A very cool(ing) feature is an interior zipper sewn to mesh that allows you to unzip the outer zipper for ventilation without the jacket flopping around—excellent. For safety, the UFO Solid has the usual array of CE protection and a spine pad; you can add an optional CE spine protector if desired.

Ultimate Motorcycling Mag

Three Options - One Jacket

It's a multi-climate solution for all-weather riders. The hybrid jacket is comprised of three layers—a CE-armored, FreeAir mesh main jacket; a zip-on, 100-percent waterproof outer layer; and a removable fleece vest inner liner—giving you three distinct climate options in one jacket.

Ladies Alter Ego 3.0 Textile & Mesh Jacket

General Tso's Chicken Delivery

On September 27, 2011 at 8:15pm my life was not in my hands, it was in the hands of factory workers, quality control personnel, designers, testers, and all other faculty at Joe Rocket. As I drove home, up a country road with a pelican case full of Chinese take-out I was at full attention to my surroundings. Just 2 miles from home on a 16 mile ride I began to loosen up, I could almost taste my General Tso's chicken. I cruised through a wide corner, leveled my bike out and throttled up to about 65mph. In this twilight hour a young deer bolted in front of me attempting to cross the road. Without even the time to touch my brakes or even swerve we impacted. With hands clenched tight to the bars I hit the road head and shoulders bringing the bike down on top of myself (I have chills in my heart and tears in my eyes as I recount this moment). In an instant, I found myself sliding down the road, I was aware of the painful grinding of pavement across my back and wondered how it would end. Luckily, I remained on the road until I stopped. Quickly to my feet, I threw my helmet off and assessed my injuries. Unbelievable! Sure, my back was burning with pain but I was standing, I was alive!
It wasn't until I got home and removed my gear that I fully realized what had happened. The road had burned through both layers of protective mesh and melted the spinal pad at the base of my neck. I fell apart, crying tears of joy and gratitude. I know if I had not been wearing my Joe Rocket jacket, I would not be here today. My spine would have been spread across 200 feet of Dead Indian Memorial road and I would be paralyzed in the best case scenario. But as it were, I received some pretty bad road rash that night and a priceless lesson; WEAR THE GEAR AND SLOW DOWN AT NIGHT! I have attached two photos which I hope you will review, one is the aftermath of the jacket, and the other is a photo which shows where I hit the road and where I stopped. That's me in the background standing at the end point of my accident, the very next day. The blood is not mine but the deer's, once again, thanks to the gear. I still wear that jacket every time I ride and weather permitting, I ride daily. Every rider I have a talk with gets to hear this story and they know what your equipment has done for me. As soon as I can afford a new jacket I intend to buy the most protective model Joe Rocket offers for the daily rider. I will wear your gear as long as long as I am alive. From the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU to everyone at Joe Rocket.

Brian N, OR.
Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

6 out of 6

Living in the mid-Atlantic region the heat and humidity in the summer can be brutal. An 80 degree day can easily feel like 90+ when factoring in the oh-so sticky humidity - definitely not the time you want to don your full leathers. Even on the hottest of days, I refuse to go out without the right protection on. Hence, one of my favorite items is the Joe Rocket Reactor 2.0 jacket.
With its combination of leather and mesh with shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors, I can ride out on those hot days knowing I have the protection I need to minimize the possibility of road rash while remaining stylish and comfortable. It isn't quite the sensation of biting into a York Peppermint Patty, but it absolutely beats what I'm sure is a less enjoyable experience of flesh against hot asphalt. With its styling, protection and comfort, my Reactor gets a solid 6 out of 6 gears.


Thanks For Saving My Life!

Thanks for saving my life! On the way to work one morning, I hit a deer going 60mph on my Gixxer. Then I slid almost 300 ft on the pavement in my 2 month old Ballistic pants and my Pheonix jacket. Only minor rash was the result to my right calf, left waistline and left elbow. When I show people my thrashed gear, they are amazed at how minimal my injuries were, other than a broken left hand! No asphalt was scrubbed from my skin because the rash was from the burning effect from sliding so far on the pavement. Thank you for constructing such quality gear that I have come to trust and will advocate for in the future!

Danon P, MC.
Ballistic 7.0 Textile Pant

Gear Guide

All Season jackets or three season jackets often offer lots of compromise and bulk when trying to take a variety of temperatures and weather into account. Multiple bulky layers, excessive zippers and vents are just some of the inconveniences that enter the equation all too often when a jacket tries to be all things to all riders in all seasons.
Joe Rocket’s Radar offers a refreshingly simple solution to the all season jacket. The Radar is a combination leather/mesh jacket with the majority of the jacket made out of leather. The mesh/textile panels are in the ‘flex zones’ along the front of the arms and the armpit panels. The result is a clean looking jacket much along the lines of the classic leather perforated styles we have seen over the years. The mesh panels have a dual function: venting and comfort. The perforated mesh along the top of the sleeves and at the upper torso means direct airflow where it matters when you need it. While liners are often seemingly a bulky ill fitting afterthought, this one really shines. A snug fit means the sleeves do not bunch up under the jacket and the liner stays close to the body at all times. The liner is designed as an inverse to the jacket, meaning the windblocker panels are on the top of the sleeves and torso to offset the mesh venting on the jacket. The jacket has all the right CE armor in the shoulders and elbows and comes with a spine pad (can be replaced with a full back protector). The standard Radar comes with an aerodynamic speed hump if you want to get your race on but we prefer the more subtle street warrior look of the Radar Dark without the hump.

Iron Horse Mag
Radar Dark Leather / Mesh Jacket


I just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you for your products and your flawless product development team. 
Last Monday afternoon March 14th, 2011 I had a particularly violent wreck on my bike.  Due to mechanical failure of my drive train my rear wheel locked up on me resulting in a sudden and high speed low side accident. During this crash I was lucky enough to be wearing a pair of your textile Phoenix pants. My get off involved a high speed body slide on a rocked section of pavement featuring fresh pointy gravel sticking out of a fresh application of tar.  My slide (as measured by LEO's) was over 65'. The accident dropped me promptly on my left collar bone, left shoulder (which dislocated), left arm and my left knee. You product took the brunt of the slide. To my amazement and extreme pleasure I am pleased to say that my Phoenix pants protected me all the way through the slide.  Even though the fabric at the knee was nearly disintegrated from friction and heat my knee didn't get a mark. I had no bruising, no road rash and no injury sustained to the knee whatsoever! Thank you so much for developing this product.  You can be sure that from this point forward, Joe Rocket products will be my mainstay for protective gear.

Charles, AK.

Perfect for Battle

As its name suggests, Joe Rocket's latest head protection combines the best attributes of off-road and street lids for a helmet that's perfect for battle in the urban landscape. Max visibility is crucial when there are cars coming at you from every angle, and the large eye port is ideal for riders who like to know exactly what's around them.

Super Street Bike Mag

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